Tuesday, March 10, 2009

School girl doll look and ebay haul

Hey guys, sorry its been awhile. I did a haul for a last couple weeks and wanted to just do a review on them once. Thats why it took a while because I had to wait for it all to come at once. Anyways, I bought a 120 Manly e/s palette, 28 blush palette and the 66 lip palette on Ebay. The 120 palette comes from a different seller. But the other two is from a different seller. If you want to know where I bought it from, please email or comment me, I will link you to there.

The look I am going for today is doll look using all my palettes that I bought! All the colors are so pigmented as you can tell in the pictures. I am in love with my lip palette and my blush palette! They were actually better than what I expected from them. If you are interested in the product, I highly again recommend it! =]

What I have on:

-Mac select foundation in NC40
-Pressed powder
-Pink blush using my 28 blush palette

-Bare study paint pot as a base
-using 4 colors on my 120 manly shadows
-coastalscent gel liner in black

-66 lip palette
-clear gloss
This is the lip color i used

blush color i used

You like my hello kitty bracelet?LOL

My little red ribbon barrette


Lyn said...

really cute and pretty! those lip colors look really pigmented on your lips!

Sofia said...

those two palettes are amazing...

btw i cant really understand what ur problem with the followers is can u explain again??

Jess said...

Beautiful as always! All colors you used go so pretty well together!

Perfect job for a doll like look! :)

DSK Steph said...

The dazzleglasses cost $28 each, they're so sparkly in person! I don't even want to use mine b/c it looks so pretty

beautifulwithbrains said...

Very pretty, I love the colors you used!

Katrina M said...

what a gorgeous school girl!!! love the color combo!!! love the lashes!!!

Wind said...

I really like the lashes with this look. They make you look very very innocent!

Katrina M said...

aww thanks hun for the love!!

Melissa Joy said...

aww. this really does look like a doll look, very cute!

♔Mimilainna said...

such a pretty look!!