Saturday, April 23, 2011

Revlon Lipsticks review and swatches

Hey everyone, I came across this past year love wearing lipsticks, i've been collecting many different types of brands of lipsticks and so far, i like most of them.  Today i will be doing a review on the Revlon lipsticks, I never really like to use drug-stores makeup, only a few brands that i would always come back, so i told myself why not give a try for the Revlon lipsticks. =] Revlon has many different types of lipsticks collection, the one i bought is the regular matte, pearl and creme. I got 4 of them, they are around $5.59 a piece from Walmart.

Packaging: 3/5: Very basic of how a lipstick should be, what i like about it was the clear top they had so we can see the color of the lipstick. The gold packing indicate that the lipstick finish is for pearl or creme, and silver is for matte finish.

Pigmentation: 3/5: Not was pigmented as i would expected it to be, i had to coat 4-5 layers to get the color! I thought the matte finish would be pigmented, but i was wrong!

Color Choices: 4/5: They had abundance of colors to choose from, but so far, i only liked these 4 colors. 

Consistency: 5/5: Very smooth and creamy to apply, not dry, they do keep my lips moist which is a big plus!

Overall: 3.5/5:  I would not purchase any color again, due to the lack of pigmentation.  My fave one is the Siren, because of the unique orange-coral color, which is great to wear for Spring/Summer!

 616, Wink for Pink, pearl finished, very natural looking.
 001, Nude Attitude, matte finished
 011, Stormy Pink, matte finished
 677, Siren, creme finished (my fave. one!)
 L to R: Siren, Stormy Pink, Nude Attitude, and Wink for Pink

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Mara said...

Siren & Stormy pink is so pretty. I love drugstore lipsticks, so cheap and easy to find locally.