Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hana hair straightener review

John from Misikko company had contacted me to do a review on their popular Hana ceramic hair straightener. The package was specially well packaged, inside you can spot the flat iron with pale blue ceramic plates and a swivel cord. The gift includes a brush, hand sanitizer, pad and pouch, nail buffers and hair serum.

I washed my hair, put on the hair serum i got as a gift, and blow dry my hair by using their professional dryer. After that, I just simply straighten my hair layers by layers. Took me about 10-15 mins to straighten my hair. The flat iron took 2 mins to heat up. My hair was super sleek straight, hair felt completely soft and smooth. :)

My hair type is fine hair, so whenever I straighten it, it is very thin and little. But this iron does both wonders, straight and curl. I prefer curling my hair more, just because it gives me more depth and volume.

Overall, Misikko products are very professional and quality made. Their prices are a bit pricey, but you do get what you paid for. I recommend for those who are Starting their business in hair, Hana might be a product to start out with. :)

Please check them out!

Note: pictures are out of order because I'm currently using my phone to blog this. I couldn't figured out a way to make them in order yet. Will fix soon. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Europe trip

My last summer vacation would described as the most amazing experience trip to Europe. I swore that I will never get a chance to go Europe in my life, but I did, and it was wonderful. Being in a different environment, food, culture, people, and the scenery was all new to me. It just open my eyes more to the view a place not like home.

We went to London, Paris, and Spain. London is a a mix of modern and old city. Modern would be describe as their busy lifestyle, abundance of clothing stores, and restaurants. And yet their antique ancient buildings are beautifully design with so much history.

Paris is my favorite place to be. Despite of the rude people, I enjoyed their food most, I love how restaurants are set up, and the delicate food are to die for!! From just simply butter, pate,breads to extravagant mussels, steaks and desserts!! Speaking of dessert, macaroons are by far the most often found in all bakeries. Even mc donalds! The highlight was seeing the Eiffel tower. How amazing it was. I love it when it was at night. With the sparkling lights. Oh how I miss Paris.

Last is Spain. We went to Barcelona, with their beautiful topless beach and known food called tapas. People were Nice and subways were very clean. Spain is a place where you would want to relax and chill, the people are just enjoying life, and doesnt seem stressed. Which we should inherit that from them once in awhile. :)
Marid was our first reason to be in Europe to see the pope, Benedicto. We spend a week there to join world youth day event. Everyone from around the world came for one purpose to see the pope. :) another wonderful experience to have.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Family time in Pasadena

Yesterday my family and I had a little mini trip to Old Town Pasadena, 15 years living in OC, my first time ever to downtown Pasadena. =] We had lunch at Tasty Garden in Alhambra, then stop by downtown Pasadena for some shopping and dinner.  The town is smaller than i expected it would be, there were a few stores and many restaurants.  Surprisingly i didnt buy anything by going to my fav stores.  =]
 Lunch at Tasty Garden, everything was pretty good, this is only a few for you all to see hehe

 Duck tongues!
 Had to stop for some half and half!!!!!

 Waiting outside at H&M
Last but not least we had to stop by our Fav. store. =]

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Park, Half and Half

Today was a warm sunny day for my sister and I to attend her coworker's baby shower, it was very relaxing at a park in Alhambra, we ate some snacks, cookies and play some baby games.  Afterwards, we stop by Half and Half teahouse to get our fave. famous "milk drink with pudding and honey boba". 

 F21 pants and shirt, Heritage belt, Andrea Jovine sunglasses and handbag from a local store in LA

 seesaw reminds me so much of my childhood =]

 Enjoying my milk drink honey boba, its so good and addicting