Sunday, May 1, 2011

Family time in Pasadena

Yesterday my family and I had a little mini trip to Old Town Pasadena, 15 years living in OC, my first time ever to downtown Pasadena. =] We had lunch at Tasty Garden in Alhambra, then stop by downtown Pasadena for some shopping and dinner.  The town is smaller than i expected it would be, there were a few stores and many restaurants.  Surprisingly i didnt buy anything by going to my fav stores.  =]
 Lunch at Tasty Garden, everything was pretty good, this is only a few for you all to see hehe

 Duck tongues!
 Had to stop for some half and half!!!!!

 Waiting outside at H&M
Last but not least we had to stop by our Fav. store. =]

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